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The 10th house has a powerful position at the top of the zodiac and is a representation of our career goals, ambitions, relationship to authority, and public status. The Mountain Goat will stop at nothing to get to the top!

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The element of Earth keeps the zodiac sign Capricorn committed, disciplined, and hard-working. This sign often takes on the responsibility of being the glue that keeps its family, friends, and loved ones together. Just like a Goat on the side of a treacherous mountain, Capricorns put in extra effort and careful strategies to turn their dreams into realities. Like a rough winter landscape, grey and brown are the colors of Capricorn. A combination of extremes -- white and black -- grey enhances the conservative nature of Capricorn and its no-nonsense approach to life.

All About Capricorn Rising Sign & Capricorn Ascendant In Astrology

As a Cardinal sign, Capricorn welcomes us to a winter wonderland! Capricorn is the first sign of the winter season, and its natural initiative and drive stem from its Cardinal nature. Cardinal signs represent beginnings, and since we ring in the New Year under the sign of Capricorn, this Cardinal energy helps push us forward with hope and determination. And, let's face it, a little bit obsessed with status and the trappings of success.

Caps may not be the fastest, cleverest, or the most talented, but hard work beats talent every time when talent doesn't work as hard.

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That's why so many Capricorns make it - they never give up. There are literally no flies on them as clear-eyed, perceptive, down-to-earth and worldly-wise characters. Their feet are so rooted on the ground that sometimes their gaze tips downwards, and they'll focus on the negatives rather than the "possibles".

Capricorns have zero tolerance when it comes to being made fun of, like, ZERO. They will hunt someone down if they feel mocked or undermined by them. It's a sin that won't be forgotten in their book. Capricorns aren't ones for flights of fancy or dreaming up new worlds, but instead interested in making things better in the real world.

If the 12 signs were given that toddler test about eat the sweet now or wait and get two sweets Any Capricorn could sit there in that laboratory for years if they thought this was a battle of wills with a tangible reward. Caps can make sacrifices. They can control their urges. They are rock solid. It's the most tangible way to measure their success, and success is their catnip. Puzzles and games. Really really difficult ones - something like Escape Rooms but extra. Tasks which are absorbing and complicated ideally "never been completed" that they can set their methodical mind to solving DIY and gardening.

Capricorns LOVE being at home, and doing something useful, practical and improving around the house or garden. Not in a flippant way, oh no no, but to stockpile precious knowledge, learn how to do things, and to outdo other people by acquiring surprising super-skills!

Instant gratification. If they let themselves off their own lead, they have a tendency to go a teensy bit wild Goats are considered to be rather hardy animals. Capricorn is most often compared to the mountain goat. Capricorns are thought to be loners at heart, with introverted characters. Mountain goats find security in cliffs and heights—the highest places that can be climbed.

Slowly but surely, a goat climbs the mountain.

21 Secrets Of The Capricorn Personality…

And, Capricorns are thought to move through life, achieving success slowly but surely. A large measure of strength of character is also associated with Capricorn. The glyph for Capricorn is a little more intricate than most. Perhaps the most odd-looking of the group, this glyph can be viewed as the twisted horns of a goat. Alternatively, the V is thought to depict the goat's beard; and the tail is that of a fish Capricorn, in ancient times, was associated with the sea-goat. The flowers associated with the sign of Capricorn are the pansy depicted here, and representing consideration, carefulness, pondering and lotus representing patience and faithfulness.

Saturn brings structure and meaning to our world as it is fully aware of the limits of time and matter. Saturn reminds us of our boundaries, our responsibilities, and our commitments. It brings definition to our lives. Saturn makes us aware of the need for self-control and of boundaries.

Capricorn's element is Earth. There are three Earth signs : Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.

Zodiac Symbols For Capricorn

The symbol for Capricorn is the Goat. Strength of character is also associated with Capricorn. They correspond to the beginning of each of the four seasons. Depicted here, the glyph or symbol used to represent Capricorn's ruling planet, Saturn. Saturn's glyph, or symbol, shows the cross of matter reality over the soul, representing the material nature of man reigning.

Note that the symbol of Saturn is the symbol of Jupiter inverted! Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac and is also associated with the tenth house. Are you having trouble determining the sign positions of your Sun, Moon, Ascendant, and other planetary signs? Capricorn is a feet-on-the-ground, eye-on-the-prize sign. Those with Sun in Capricorn have a realistic, grounded approach to life that can be seen no matter how dreamy the rest of the birth chart suggests. These people know how to do things, and to get things done.

Some Capricorns naturally turn their backs on things they deem too frivolous. They are very much concerned with things that are worthwhile— and that includes their own lives. Capricorns want to do and be something worthwhile.

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Like their Earth signs relatives, Taurus and Virgo, they need to feel useful and effective in the real world in order to be satisfied with their lives. But the Capricorn spin on the earth signs is that Capricorn possesses a stronger need for recognition in a worldly sense. They have a strong sense of society and its framework, and they feel most secure when they feel they are doing their part within that framework.

Capricorns like to pare things down and take pleasure in the simple things in life. However, many are attracted to status symbols and these ones will wear the best clothes tasteful ones! Comparing Capricorns to their symbol—the goat—brings up some interesting analogies. Solar Capricorns can see into the future, and plan for it.

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They make their way steadily and sure-footedly, and their strength and singleness of purpose are admirable. Capricorns can sometimes be rather lonely people, although they rarely let it show. They are often a little reserved—even standoffish. This is a sign that is surely the most resourceful of the zodiac.

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  • To some, Capricorns come across as unimaginative, but they can be enormously creative when it comes to the material world. They are generally very capable people with a strong sense of tradition and responsibility. Many Capricorns have mastered the art of making people laugh. They can be bitingly sarcastic, too.

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    Capricorns are not known for taking too many risks in life. Turn to your Capricorn friends for help when you need to really get things done. Being useful and productive are basic needs for Lunar Capricorns. Because they generally keep their emotions under check, Moon in Capricorn people come across as competent people. However turbulent their emotions may be under the surface, Lunar Capricorns keep cool-headed—and they come across as steady and reliable people. This position of the Moon suggests a desire for clear boundaries and realistic goals.

    Not much for taking risks in life, Lunar Capricorns look for safety and security in most everything they do.