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Leo have such a liveliness about them it attracts other to them. Virgo is one of the more sensual signs. Often, they use sex as a means of calming themselves down. It is hard to shock a Scorpio. They already expect the darkest from people. Sagittarius want life to be fun. They are always up for new adventures no matter how crazy it might be. Capricorn have calculating personalities. They are often skilled in math and other areas that involve logic. Interested In Studying Astrology? Originally posted by drycereal Astrology is definitely an interesting topic and I implore you to continue expanding your knowledge.

Now let me begin the guide! Originally posted by vaporwaaved. With that being said, you should already know that the sun sign is just a small part of the picture. However, It is the base knowledge you need to build off of in order to get a better understanding of everything else. For instance, you may come across a placement like neptune in the first house.

Cancer (astrology)

However, it should not be used as a crutch because there are some meanings that the houses, planets, and signs hold that differ from one another. Knowing this information will also make interpretations much quicker. In my opinion, a lot of astrology in general starts at knowing the basic knowledge surrounding the sun signs. Originally posted by carlaconce.

And the physical structure is usually cleaner and more pleasant to the eye. Some books focus solely on sun signs, some focus on health, some focus on Horary astrology, etc. Make sure it covers the topics you want to learn about. Also, make sure you buy more than one book to either fact check or expand on a previous book. Originally posted by no-bad-vides. Each planet differs in importance and meaning.

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Also, as mentioned in step 1, though the planets, signs, and houses have associations with each other, they still have differences. Learn them at a pace that is comfortable for YOU. Originally posted by lets-catch-some-waves. There are plenty of online calculators you can use to help you get familiar with birth charts.

You can get used to looking at the signs, houses, and planet symbols without having words directly next to them. It also makes interpreting the full chart later much quicker. Originally posted by rivka-kopelman. Since at this point you should have some type of familiarity with birth charts, background info on the houses, the signs, and the plants. You may not always be able to use a calculator that calculates it for you, some calculations are excluded, and some calculators are wrong!

Knowing your aspects will help you easily find patterns that will explain how the placements work together. Originally posted by stoneysloth.

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At this point, you should have ample understanding of the chart and how to interpret it. However, the learning never stops. Vedic, Chinese astrology, Mayan astrology, etc. This field never stops, it only expands forever. People love to get things from experienced and educated people. And just in general if you want to get a better understanding of your life, the people around you, etc. It takes time to reach a proficient amount of education. Originally posted by desingyouruniverse.

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Gems are constantly working things out in their minds and coming up with new theories- give them three tasks to do and it equates to six because they branch off and actually create more work for themselves. Cancer: - Cancerian people are not materialistic- but a beautiful home environment with atheistically pleasing surroundings make them feel at ease.

Feeling at ease in their own home is very important to Cancerians, more than anything they love to lie down on a comfortable bed or couch, surrounded by a room full of their favorite colors and objects. This is -not- true in any way what-so-ever. Leonians are completely realistic about their shortcomings, the difference between Leos and other signs is that they own their flaws like gleaming medallions around their neck. They know it, they flaunt it.

Little things like the tone of someones voice or the way someone looks at them can get on their nerves on an extreme level.

Librans are frequently becoming obsessed over various books, movies, tv-shows, anything basically- and when they are it inspires them to draw, write, and create things based off of how interested they are. Scorpio- Scorpio people are known to have an amazing drive.

Cancer zodiac sign meaning - What does the Cancer sign mean?

This is because they thrive on passion- passion is their life force and it must exist in everything they do, in every facet, every relationship in their lives. Sagittarius- Sagittarians tend to be risk takers as far as spending money goes! On the bright side- Sagittarius also happens to be very lucky with money, and always seems to end up making more than they spend! They have a hard time spending money on even essential things although they begrudgingly force themselves to!

Aquarius- Aquarians feel most at ease in the midst of nature- they love to be alone, immersed in the forest, on a desolate beach, grassy field, or anywhere beautiful without too many people. This gives them some time to replenish themselves and clear their minds- once they retreat from the the buzzing rush of society for awhile they can return with a more positive, balanced, and clear outlook on things.

Cancer Personality: These 15 Fun Facts Are Totally Unmissable!

However, the vast reach of their imagination is a great strength- it causes them to have many beautiful, unique thoughts and ideas. Juno in Aries needs their own autonomy. They tend to be attracted to partners that are aggressive or dominant. While they want their own freedom, they also want a mate who will be an authority figure. They may see their partners as someone to compete with. They like to go adventuring together. They may need to learn how to develop balance in their relationships so both partners can pursue their own needs.

Juno in Taurus wants a sturdy relationship built out of material security and loyalty.

They want someone reliable and trustworthy who knows the value of a dollar. They want a harmonious relationship at home that will last a lifetime.

https://senjouin-renshu.com/wp-content/17/604-aplicacion-gratis-espia.php They enjoy a sensual relationship and truly want to share their goals with their partner.