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There continues to be a finite balance that you need to gain between home and worldly interactions, but it is possible that some kind of good fortune can be linked to a property deal, and some Scales may find themselves relocating.

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You may have found yourself thinking over your values in recent times, but this year there can be a real growth spurt, which could find you becoming more knowledgeable and more self-assured about the ideas that you have. However, from March 22nd through to 1st July, someone close to you may need your support, or you could find yourself adapting where you live to deal with your current needs.

The second half of can see you very active in looking for a new job or getting fitter. September and October urge you not to bite off more than you can chew, so do know when to say no to people. Your financial situation can take a turn for the better this year, as your ruler Jupiter glides through your 2nd Solar House. However, as he aligns with Pluto from 8th March to 1st August, and then again in the Autumn due to retrogrades, just try not to be too cavalier in your approach.

Any gains that you have, need to be carefully consolidated. Your physical vitality, enthusiasm and sex appeal, all take on a wonderful dynamism in the second half of this year.

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July can be a particularly wonderful month around relationship prospects. However, the standout moment comes with the solar Eclipse in your sign of 14th December, which will be so powerfully helpful. The planet of expansion, and traditionally of good fortune Jupiter, is in your sign through until 19th December. Also, Saturn and Pluto meeting Capricorn exactly on 13th January through week two. This can be a powerful moment, but by the 18th February, an eleven month conjunction finally ends.

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This can prove liberating for you, especially with Jupiter and Pluto in a much more positive conjunction from 8th March. This can promote new beginnings, and with sparkly Uranus urging you on, your mantra this year really can be to go for it. This can however, see some changes to where you live in the last six months. Your traditional ruler Saturn, is going to join you twice this year Aquarius. The first time he arrives is on 22nd March and he vacates on 2nd July, but returns on 17th December. But the psychological energies that have been so powerful in recent years are going to continue to be so, but whereas you may have felt at times on the back foot with this, now you can start to embrace healing and consciousness raising approaches like never before.

Expect to be a lot more active in the last half of the year, a time when your voice gets really heard. A stroke of fortune can brighten December. You can find yourself making new friends in , enjoying engaging pastimes which have some kind of educational or knowledge-based dimension.

In love, you may feel particularly nostalgic, but the combination of Chiron and the Black Moon at the start of the year, suggests it may be time to try to heal any holes in your own personal confidence, which are preventing you from connecting to someone more intimately. With Saturn moving through a reflective part of your 'scope at times, try to let go of the things that no longer serve your greater good.

Finances however, look peachy in the second half of this year.

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Horoscopes Aries 21 March - 20 April Your ruler Mars spends an extended six months in your sign in the second half of , and this is going to give you tremendous determination to reach your goals. Gemini 22 May - 21 June Being prudent around your resources and treasuring your closest alliances, is going to be a big part of your journey this year.

Cancer 22 June - 23 July This is going to be another year when your relationships are very much under the astral microscope.

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Leo 24 July - 23 August This can be a year when you find yourself focusing on finding the right balance between how you support others and the practicalities of life with your own personal needs. Virgo 24 August - 23 September There have been opportunities for you to thrive, but gives you a greater chance to actually capitalize on these, if you can keep the self-discipline and hard work going that you've been investing in recent times. Libra 24 September - 23 October Mars spends the second half of this year in your opposite sign, suggesting that you are about to develop a more robust response when it comes to your closest interactions.

The horoscope suggests that is also crucial for life-changing encounters. In , Aquarius is going to be very pleased. But it cannot be said that every joy and each entertainment is without risk. Credit card purchases will appear on your bank statement sooner or later. According to the horoscope, the Aquarians' sexual appetite will be as strong as the sea wind , and like a compass needle, the attraction will direct your attention in one way. This is, of course, perfectly fine if the loved object, the final destination, lies so to speak on the planned route of your life husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend.

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But the horoscope adds: Sometimes you go crazy and sail upstream or against the wind. And what then? Aquarians are protected by guard angels. However, if you choose a route that was not planned , you have to understand that you may fall in love and thus take a long detour in stormy waters. Even the "heavenly patrol" angels may not help you to survive on completely foreign places that were even not marked on your life map accidental acquaintance, unexpected meeting.

Aquarius, the horoscope estimates that in the case of reckless infidelity a lot of spicy experiences awaits you — January as a "basket of chilli pepper" , February as a "garlic wreath" , March could be a "buck of wasabi paste" … and we are only in the first three months of ! Aquarius, the horoscope predicts that by you will need a rake for love. Your heart is like a bushy tree. But you have to reckon with the fact that many leaves feelings fall and will need cleaning compost or a pile for burning. According to the horoscope, in the middle of the year, you can recognise temptation, which is embodied in the Bible by a parable of a snake and an apple.

It is the summer months that will offer Aquarius an unexpected romance that can bring the necessary change to the singles, but also disturbing cracks to long-term relationships.