Venus pisces horoscope

Get a jump start on that Summer romance!

Venus in the Signs

With Venus in Pisces, we will all want to go after more love. And, with Venus being the planet of attraction, when you follow that spell, she will help you to attract the object of your affection.

It will be much easier now than it was before. Pisces is the Water sign of human compassion, kindness, creativity, and romance. You need to lead with these themes. Fellow Water signs Scorpio and Cancer will find this easy and exciting. Fire signs Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries, are already chomping at the bit with Spring.

Earth signs Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are compatible with Pisces, so this will be exciting for them. But Air signs Gemini, Aquarius, and Libra will maybe not jive with this energy so much. However, Libra will certainly like the romance! But there is still so much more to it than that. Time to dial up the love bug vibes with Venus in Pisces! When Venus enters Pisces, Aries , you are undergoing a romantic and karmic period of reflection.

Universe wants you to really focus on closing chapters and getting rid of toxic stuff. When Venus enters Pisces, it will work in your twelfth house of spirituality and karmic endings for a few weeks. As other planets enter Pisces, this feeling of endings and karma will intensify.

Mercury is here as well and so your communication channels are experiencing this same effect. What goes around comes around right now, as karma points are especially high for you. Follow your intuitions and be honest with your goals. Romance may follow. Or you may just enjoy some downtime. What are your actual romantic goals, Aries? When Venus enters Pisces and your eleventh house of groups and foundations , she is promising some blessings in your social circles.

Social circles and group experiences are going to connect with some greater karma here. The seeds you plant now will blossom into blessings, for you, or for someone else.

Venus in Pisces Makes You a Romantic - What to Know About Venus in Pisces

If you are single and ready to mingle, put yourself out there. Tweak that online profile, or just connect with groups. You could even meet someone or have a hot flirtation at the office. Group agencies, government offices, any groups that connect to justice for the greater good are in play now. You need to play a clean game. If not, there is still time to sort this out. What groups are helping your love life, Taurus? When it comes to Spring, you are feeling some exciting energy, Gemini , and you may not know what to do with it. With Venus entering Pisces and your tenth house of career destiny and public image , your reputation matters.

All eyes are on you now. Lead with love. This will light a fire under you to get some serious work done. When you do, it will get noticed. You have a real opportunity under this energy to do something big with your romantic affairs. You can climb the ladder, or see your star rise in something big. Expect higher-ups to appreciate and admire you, or love could even offer you promotions or some public acclaim.

At the same time, karma matters. Keep doing what you are doing, and maybe a little bit more, and you can see some amazing and truly rewarding success now. Where do you want your star to rise? You are exciting with the arrival of Spring, Cancer, and your mind and your heart are wandering far. After the Spring Equinox, you have Venus entering Pisces and your ninth house of foreign affairs. This is also your house of Big Picture visions, and this house is ruled by Fire sign Sagittarius who is ruled by Jupiter.

You are making Spring plans, thinking happily about an exciting Summer, and you are working hard to make it all happen. Sprinkle some romantic trips here there and everywhere. Weekend getaways lead to something special. Even if you are single and taking a solo trip! You are also taking the lead on making it happen as well.

When you do so with pure karmic intent and action plan, Venus in Pisces is going to help you plant seeds of exciting abundance that will feed your long-term romantic goals. What is putting that smile on your face, Cancer? Or should we ask who? After the Spring Equinox arrives, Leo , Venus enters Pisces and is working your eighth house of transformation and saucy secrets. This is also your house of rebirth and transformation, which feeds into this energy of Spring. This is very exciting for you! This is also your house of taboo, and so you may see some saucy sides of life come into the picture.

And by that, we mean Spring fever! Get closer to a lover by sharing some saucy secrets, or just a secret that will bring you both closer.

Go ahead and be a little naughty. Moving in with a lover may be on the docket, or sharing an important financial plan such as stocks or a mortgage may also be something you are thinking of. Whatever it is, a total transformation awaits. What new day are you bringing to love, Leo? You of all zodiac signs get Spring fever in a serious way, as Venus enters fellow Mutable sign Pisces and works your seventh house of partnerships. This is Venus shining on the truest of true loves! If you are already in a partnership, launch some exciting new Spring rituals that are brand new, and involve just the two of you.

A sexy walk after dinner, or some sexy texting after dinner if you are apart. For the single Libra, you want to focus on taking the lead when it comes to love. Never be afraid to put it out there. Just move on to the next one, honey.

The Venus In Pisces: Personality

Because of love, actually. What kind of love are you chasing, Virgo? You are entering an exciting time when it comes to love, Libra, or in matters related to the little details of life. As Venus enters Pisces during the Spring Equinox, it enters your sixth house of routines and details.

How Does Venus in Pisces Impact Love?

You may start thinking of new routines when it comes to love and it will be little switches that you make. Just doing the little things like the dishes for your partner means everything. When they put the kids to bed, make the kitchen sparkle. If she, or he, comes downstairs to finish up the night… Voila!