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The latter holds space for a resolution to appear. I don't share his view. In fact, I regard it as an insulting misapprehension. The truth is that the soul achieves flight through vivid fantasies and effervescent intuitions and crazy longings and nonrational hypotheses and wild hopes—and maybe also by a few illusions.

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I bring this to your attention because now is an excellent time to nurture your soul with vivid fantasies and effervescent intuitions and crazy longings and nonrational hypotheses and wild hopes. If you're normally like that, I urge you to rebel. The dilemmas and riddles you face right now are very solvable if and only if you get sufficient amounts of sleep and dreams.

Do you need some nudges to do right by yourself? Neuroscientist Matthew Walker says that some of the best athletes understand that "sleep is the greatest legal performance enhancing drug.

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During his heyday, world-class sprinter Usain Bolt slept 10 hours a night and napped during the day. Champion basketball player LeBron James devotes 12 hours a day to the rejuvenating sanctuary of sleep. He made 31 musical films during the 76 years he worked, and was celebrated for his charisma, impeccable technique, and innovative moves. At the height of his career, from to , he teamed up with dancer Ginger Rogers in the creation of 10 popular movies. In those old-fashioned days, virtually all partner dancing featured a man taking the lead as the woman followed.

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One witty critic noted that although Astaire was a bigger star than Rogers, she "did everything that Fred Astaire did. She just did it backward and while wearing high heels. Watch animals.

It would be the healthiest thing you could possibly do: Relax into a generously receptive mode as you simply observe creatures doing what they do. The best option would be to surrender to the pleasures of communing with both domesticated AND wild critters. If you need a logical reason to engage in this curative and rejuvenating activity, I'll give you one: It will soothe and strengthen your own animal intelligence, which would be a fine gift for you to give yourself.

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It lasts for many hours. I begin by visualizing the recent events I've experienced, then luxuriously scroll in reverse through my entire past, as if watching a movie starring me. It's not possible to remember every single scene and feeling, of course, so I allow my deep self to highlight the moments it regards as significant. Here's another fun aspect of this ritual: I bestow a blessing on every memory that comes up, honoring it for what it taught me and how it helped me to become the person I am today. Dear Libra, the coming weeks will be an excellent time for you to experiment with a similar celebration.

I suspect that the riddles and mysteries you're embedded in right now are so puzzling and complicated that you're tempted to think that there's nothing you can do to solve them or escape them.

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Wednesday, April 21, free will astrology Capricorn. Here's my startling prediction: More Capricorn spiritual seekers will become enlightened in the next five weeks than in any comparable period of history.

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Hell, there'll be so much infinity mixed with eternity available for your tribe that even a lot of you non-seekers could get a lightning bolt of illumination or two. That's not to say that you have to accept the uplifting revelations, or even tune in to them, for that matter. If you'd prefer to ignore the sacred hubbub and go about your practical business without having to hassle with the consequences of a divine download, that's fine.