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This is spot on me. April 1, Florence April 1, This is soo me! James April 7th 88!

This is spot on for me aswell. Keep fighting the good fight yall! Our positivity and self love give us the ability to attract only the best people let's make it count! Catie April 7th, 88 as well Spot on. Phoenix I am April 6, My longest held friends who are very charismatic are also Aries and Earth Dragons. There really is a structure here.

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However there must be an exception to the rule. Even If I am not it, seeing as this is an accurate depiction of my mannerisms. Yummypants March 22 Definitly on point! Takes a strong individual to handle an Aries Dragon. Becky My husband is an Aries dragon. He is super intense, bossy, judgmental, passionate, dare-devil, and when given a task, thinks so quickly on his feet that it blows my mind. He dives right in, highly competitive, protective, and smart. I am a libra rabbit. Complete opposites! I hope you all know we all have psychic abilities and powers.

Build a stronger relationship with whomever your God is and you will be able to tap into healing powers as well. We all are fascinating to the world around us, we are special. Nomes On April 1st, after midday, if at school i was to say "it was my birthday yesterday" I would get punched in the arm jerks haha it's pretty cool that you are 1 day older than I am. And as for 'abilities' I don't know what I believe in but I think I am a healer.

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I have been told by many people that my presence in their lives has a very positive effect xx. Morgan Any Aries, Dragons born in ?

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Alikabok This is definitely me, and still searching Aedin Caron What about The Aries Golden dragon This is incredibly interesting I cannot believe how accurate this Artical is so spot on chap I wonder what all this means and where we comefrom what we were before this human form and where we are going next I've always known a good portion of these characteristics about my self but to read them one after another like that makes me really see my self character a lot more brighter than ever before..

But not Melissa March 26, yo! Aries Dragon Yes that's me! Tyrowe Certainly me. March 25, Definitely someone I know.

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You were born on the same day as my ex! Exactly the same! Nutella Im march 26,! Bla bla bla So true!!! Valentina Me too Jacob bruh why do you have my birthday?! My gosh!! Aria Aries dragon yes I am. Brisco I guess you guys are my brothers and sisters. Veda Definitely me!! Reddrakien all true to the end i do take advice but usaly i augment it to better suit the problum or feelings at the time. Your name:.

Horoscope Daily Horoscope Well Click on your Zodiac sign and get daily forecast. Aries Daily Horoscope Today Tomorrow. He carefully follows his wardrobe, knows all fashionable novelties. For all its unpretentiousness, Libra-Dragon will not tolerate need and deprivation.

Strives for success and prosperity, ready to fight for the best place. However, he will not lie and betray his relatives for the sake of material benefits.

He will try to achieve everything by honest labor, because responsibility and purposefulness are in his blood. This sensible, ambitious person easily achieves a high position. If difficulties arise, they do not complain, but silently overcome obstacles. In personal relationships, Libra-Dragon is cautious and selective.

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Avoid contact with unfamiliar people, if only out of courtesy spill a couple of phrases. He is not inclined to frivolous connections, he does not like flirting and empty talk. She prefers long courtship: time is the best adviser in love affairs.

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You can not call him a callous person without emotions and feelings. On the contrary, the love horoscope testifies to the passionate temperament of the Dragon-Libra. Just not everyone can see his true face. People of this combination are distinguished by a serious approach to marriage. Do not hurry with the choice, carefully analyze the behavior of the partner. Dragon-Libra is a one-man, does not seek entertainment on the side.

He needs strong relationships, so he tries to keep his marriage with all his might. Fortunately, rarely makes mistakes in choosing a partner, his family life is pretty successful. A lot of time is given to relatives, children are of particular concern. Strives to grow from them decent people.

For the Libra-Dragon, it is not only material wealth that matters, but also the state of mind. Therefore, he chooses a profession to his liking and faithfully serves his beloved cause throughout his life. Seriously refers to work, works hard. He does not like to stick out his services, but he is waiting for encouragement. This honest, responsible employee has the right to count on additional bonuses and promotion through the career ladder.

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Libra-Dragon are respected in the work team for their high professionalism. Creatively gifted, flexible in communicating the Dragon-Libra can take place in any profession. Possesses endurance, patience, is able to settle any conflict. It suits work related to people.

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His talents in the sphere of communications and managerial activity will be in demand. Dragon-Libra is distinguished by dedication, determination, diligence. The only obstacle to a successful career: isolation, a tendency to exaggerate problems. Whatever the strong experiences of the Libra man born in the year of the Dragon, he will not show them to others. He is a calm, balanced person, trying to find inner harmony. It is important for him to understand his purpose, and he must figure out everything himself. Do not ask advice even from close people.