Aries horoscope for week of february 14 2020

This is a major money month for you, Aries. It all starts with a scrumptious Full Moon in your earned income sector on November This lunation will bring a money-making scheme to fruition.

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Gorgeous links to both Saturn and Pluto suggest a major shift in how you use your talents to generate long-term money-making potential. Adding to the financial juice is the fact that Mars enters your 8th House of Shared Resources on November 19, followed by Mercury turning direct in this part of your chart on the 20th. You've got amazing motivation and mental clarity by the second half of the month to help get you in the strongest position possible financially. Yes, it takes money to make money, but you know that in the end it will all work out. When it comes to love, Venus and Jupiter will embrace in perfect harmony on November 24 in the area of your chart connected to faith.

A dream come true is possible for you in matters of the heart. Aries' keywords for November: cash, money moves, big bucks, career rise, success, expenses, financial clarity, travel, legalities. This will certainly be an eventful month for you in terms of relationship and personal developments. A stunning Full Moon in your sign on November 12 suggests you'll feel completely secure revealing your feelings and standing tall in your own skin. If there has been any concern about a partnership matter, you'll be ready to tackle it after November This is when Mars moves into your partnership sector and Mercury turns direct in the same area of your chart.

The courage to do something about the clarity you now have regarding a relationship will help you feel even more secure about the direction of this connection. Sometimes hashing it out with the other person really is the only way for them to realize your true worth. Don't worry, Taurus, this person will know exactly the diamond you are. In other news, finances are a big theme in November -- particularly money that comes your way through a source besides your direct paycheck.

Expect a gorgeous payout on November 24 when Venus and Jupiter embrace.

Taurus' keywords for November: identity illumination, personal growth, partnership heat, relationship conflict, passion, re-evaluating commitments, inheritance, windfall, money luck. Your love life is all about harmony and positive vibes. From November , Venus will move through your partnership sector. There's nothing you won't do to keep the peace in your closest relationships, even if it means sacrificing a part of your soul in the process.

Be careful, Gemini -- that tendency might work against you near November 14 when Venus and Neptune square off.

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Fortunately, by the 24th as Venus embraces Jupiter, you'll receive a major reward for all the compromise and collaboration you've done with someone you're deeply bonded to. Confusion about your work situation is sure to clear up by the end of the month. In fact, you'll also have brand-new motivation to go crush your deadlines and goals! On November 19, Mars enters your work sector followed by Mercury turning direct on the 20th in the same area of your chart. This might bring a major blowout between you and a colleague, but if that happens, it really needed to.

You can't keep quiet about something stressing you out this much. Conflict leads to clarity. Gemini's keywords for November: partnership, love blessings, partnership luck, working fast, crushing deadlines, coworker conflict, work confusion, work stress. A major blowout is possible between you and your partner near November 5 as Mars squares off with Pluto. You're tired of all the conflict happening at home and between members of your clan. For some reason, however, your partner isn't trying to be a part of the solution. Instead, he or she might actually be adding to the problem.

You won't be pleased.

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Address accordingly. All the confusion in your mind around a creative project will finally begin to clear up after November 20 when Mercury turns direct. You'll even have plenty of energy and ambition to really move forward with it thanks to Mars also moving into the same area of your chart on the 19th.

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If you're single or dating, this energy is likely to catalyze some major stimulation in your love and sex life. You might be ready to take back an ex and then meet someone new who really gets your heart racing. What a dilemma! Cancer's keywords for November: family, domestic conflict, partnership tension, creative edge, artistic motivation, passion, sex, fun. A positive turn of events is likely this month when it comes to your professional life. On November 12, a Full Moon will illuminate the top of your chart.

Since this lunation is connected beautifully to several planets in the sky, it suggests that fulfillment -- rather than a stressful ending -- is in store. You could receive a significant honor or award that helps you shine even brighter in your industry. Another possibility is that you'll be ready to transition into a career path that is more aligned to your talents and purpose. Go for it! Your domestic situation will become less fuzzy as the month winds down. Mercury turns direct in your home and family sector on November This will offer space for clarity and plans related to real estate or family decisions will finally go your way.

Now you are ready, willing and able to enter a committed relationship, so its not surprising that one is about to show up. If you are already attached, you will both decide to take it to a deeper level of intimacy. As a result, the relationship will become stronger and more fun. From mid-February until June, Jupiter will move into Taurus and take up residence your 2nd sector of income. Suddenly your life experience and education add up to something big, and the marketplace takes notice.

While you saw the signs that things were looking up from July through October , the window of opportunity was narrow. It was over before you could get your initiative off the ground. This is especially good news, because the taskmaster planet Saturn has been in your 2nd sector of income since March Saturn has made your income run hot and cold. The extremes may have been pretty obvious and unnerving.

Your golden financial period will fade in July 1, so you will have to focus and act quickly to take full advantage of your good vibes.

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Some Aries found financial independence during recent months. Aries college students may have won some independence by having their own apartment for the first time, or newly divorced Aries may have moved into their own pad after years of sharing a home and plenty of responsibilities with someone else. Other Aries started a business, bought a house, a piece of land or else discovered a way to fund an expensive dream, such as paying for college or the care of an elderly parent.

You are showing that you are on the move up the totem pole of maturity, in the life process that never ends. These were the years you were supposed to learn to handle complex domestic and financial responsibilities, for Saturn brings maturity on a sophisticated level in whatever sector it tours. An enormously important cosmic event will occur during the opening week of May , which will change everything for you. You will probably be working on a major financial deal at that time and the results will be superb.

Because Uranus and Neptune will be at harsh angle to one another, it will be important to keep your eyes open and your nerves steeled for anything, but you can emerge victorious if you play your cards right. This sector does not rule financial windfalls but rather money that is earned. This is all about YOUR money; how you earn it, spend it and save it.


This same sector of the horoscope is also seen as the home of self-confidence, so as it will be holding seven out of ten planets, your self-assurance and poise should reach an all-time high! Suddenly you are feeling practical, secure, steady and dedicated to your goals. You are developing an attractive patina of sophistication, Aries. Gone are the days when you rush a project or spend carelessly. You are on your way to the top, and if influential people around you are worth their salt, the smart money is on you. But, like a baby who has bumped his head a few times in his haste to explore the world, you know where the dangers lie and can finally avoid or prepare for them.

When Jupiter enters Gemini on July 1, your talent for communication will be prized. You will learn to write, speak and negotiate sophisticated contracts and agreements. You will be able to review a lease or a health insurance contract and spot problematic clauses with ease. This newfound ability will help you in every area of your life, from your relationships with your lover, spouse, children and family members to demonstrating your leadership talent at work.

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I'm a wood rabbit born on may Will i be able find a new job soon? I'm beginning to feel that i won't be able to find a new job. I tried to keep a positive attitude and not to lose faith but i'm beginning to wonder if an employer wants to hire me.