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With both feet on the ground and a realistic attitude, nothing can stop them from making a dream come true. Even more so when that dream is connected to some personal desire or wish. Being thoughtful about future prospects and actually putting forth all your efforts in getting as much money as possible are two entirely different things. This attitude can very well bring about a lot of dissatisfactions and make you miss on some simple, yet beautiful things in life. Sure, money does make you rich and wealthy, but when was that ever the purpose of all this? With Venus acting on both fronts , these Taurus natives are individuals of high artistic power and little social decisiveness.

Shyness acts as a strong deterrent for their potential. They may, however, be talented in painting, music, and even architecture. And this comes as a result of the strong disposition for beauty and artistic endeavors; in short they are very conscious of what catches their attention.

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Because dynamism defines their way of life, Taurians are very diverse when it comes to their passions and interests. Day-to-day activities are the sort of routine that they maintain, and so, one of the ways in which one can get close to a Taurus native is by showing interest in what they do.

This is a bonding experience that is not to be underestimated. And it comes as no surprise that Taurus-born individuals prefer the more sensible and have an indirect approach when it comes to sentimental issues. The hands-on alternative inhibits and limits their ability to cope with it. Nothing is to be left to chance, and everything should be under strict supervision. Artistic enthusiasm and analytic scrutiny are the two opposite mindsets that Venus and Mercury bestow upon a Taurus native.

The internal duality seems to put them at odds sometimes with the proper way in which to solve a problem. Thanks to the influence of Mercury , the Taurus-Virgo natives are thought to be amongst the most intelligent of the Zodiac. Their thoughts run wild and uninhibited, depending on the situation and state of mind. Be it pragmatism or philosophical bits of knowledge, a Taurus born in Decan 2 can do both with no problems at all.

This is your core, and that's all that matters now. You're acting cold, distant and suspicious of anyone putting out a new vibe. OK, so why now? Do you want to invite trouble? Are you trying to reinvent the wheel when some newer technology is making the world go around?

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As long as you're being so distrustful, you should navigate with utmost caution today. This means questioning your own basic assumptions, too. If you're wrong about something that essential, you could be wasting a lot of time and good will.

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Now is the time for faith. Try to believe. With all your wheeling and dealing, you could sell the Brooklyn Bridge to five different people in just a few hours. But instead of always trying to make another few bucks, why not put all your horse-trading energy toward actually winning the race? OK, maybe you need to redefine what winning means. Your talents will be noticed today, so wouldn't it be a good idea to attract praise instead of anger? Keep on developing your public-spirited side. The more you do for your community, the more you'll like it here.

Change your normal perspective today by taking a progressive view of your work and relationships. How can you improve your connections with others? How can you make more constructive contributions to projects? It won't hurt to try out a new way of looking at life. You might treat a current obstacles as an interesting, manageable challenge.

My Daily Horoscope - Taurus - 2nd decan

You're used to receiving both accomplishments and accolades, but don't expect either. It isn't about collecting trophies, though you wouldn't refuse any if they were offered. Forget about old school, new school, and too cool for school. None of that matters now. Suddenly you get to be your electric, artistic self. You get to project your larger-than-life personality in unpredictable shadow puppets or light shows.

Today there are no rules. That doesn't include your own rules, obviously, which will define and govern this whole explosion of you-ness.

linthekihurtlan.cf Just remember to be loyal to friends and family even if they don't quite follow you. Without their support, you'd never have this kind of freedom and, if you're lucky, this kind of applause. Your devotion to your work and your loved ones knows no boundaries. When it comes to helping others, you can be as selfless as a saint.

Even so, your loving attention might not be required today. What an opportunity! Don't waste time feeling upset that no one needs you. Your unique gifts will be needed. Meanwhile, relearn how to be an individual. Delight in your own company; get lost in your very own brand of brilliance. If you make yourself laugh with enjoyable thoughts and fantasies, you're finding yourself again.

You're a quick thinker, but your thoughts seem alien. Will anyone get your otherworldly logic? Not today. If you want to get allies in your corner, you'll have to bring your ideas down to earth. Of course, things will shift and it won't matter, if you all get along. But for now, it does matter. If you're working on a group project, your coworkers want to know you're all on the same page.

Do you know your planet Venus ?

Similarly, your friends want to know you're still the same person they know and love. Try not to be too extreme in your approach.

Wednesday, October 9

What's wrong with showing respect, anyway? Who says that good manners only conceal the wolves among the sheep? If chivalry is just a nervous habit, you could do much worse. And you're so over that whole school-yard bully dynamic, anyway. Get beyond appearances today and show them that real wolves and real sheep have transcended their storybook roles. People have good and bad sides, and right now being decisive, loyal and, yes, polite will resolve a lot more problems than those behaviors create.

In the end, that resolution is what brings real security. It doesn't matter whether you're under pressure, stretched tight or at loose ends. You could be all revved up or as subdued as a whisper. Today will find you vague and moody. It'll be harder than usual to fake sincerity if you're not feeling it. Flippant remarks might cut deeper than you intended.

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Try harder to stay in focus so that you can read the situation better.